What are some Gym mistakes that we do as a beginner?

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

As a beginner, people often do the following mistakes.

  1. Experimenting a lot with the body - People start following workouts plans out of the blues, they rapidly change plans in a week or two blaming that their body is not suited for that type. Beginner also experiment a lot with diet, they trick sticking to a very stick meal plan, but what happens they fail generally because their mind and body is not accustomed to it. So make a proper pitch plan and follow that without any second thoughts.

  2. Trying to imitate professionals - Beginners go awestruck with pictures of professionals in the gym, which is followed by a rigorous internet searching about their workouts and diet plans, without knowing all the thick and thin they go through. They later blame trainers for not being able to shape their body. You must understand that professionals are far ahead of us in terms of training and financial stability (that's is a relatable point too.)

  3. Expecting things to happen very fast- Beginners feel no relevance with the fact that “Patience is the Key “, they want things to happen too fast. They undergo lifting heavy weights and ultimately end up being injured. So you need to understand the physique you admire on the gym walls are all made out of lot of sweat, patience, and pain, and anybody willing to resemble the same will have to go through these phases.

  4. Not finding a guide - Many individuals believe themselves to self-acclaimed professional, and barely trust other’s techniques and plans, and thus often fail to deliver as per the expected. The best piece of advice is to find professional trainers either online or offline. No doubt that needs a bit of money too, but its definitely better to invest in a fitness professional than to invest in medication and treatment for sure.

  5. Not re-racking - This is not actually a workout mistake but rather something related to the etiquette, after you have done the workout try re-racking the weights, these things become the foundation of the discipline. It also develops a sense of personal belonging.

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