Pituitary Gland Meditation - A Trusted Trick For Height Growth

Ever thought of a scientific process that can help you gain few inches of height? If Yes, Then your search ends here. Today, I will tell you about a method that can help you gain 2-3 inches within a few months. This process is called the "Pituitary gland mediation". In this process, you have to concentrate and focus on your pituitary gland and order it to

secrete Human growth hormones which helps you to grow taller. So raise your internet connection level and stay glued to see what follows.

Pituitary Gland

I will discuss with you the complete method and the process of performing Pituitary Gland Meditation. Before beginning with the main method, there are several things that you need to know before you start.

What is pituitary Gland?

Pituitary Gland also known as the Master Gland secretes several hormones which helps in mental and physical development of the person. It controls and looks after the functioning of all the other glands present in the body. It is located at the base of the skull, and resembles to the size of a pea.

What is the pituitary gland meditation?

Pituitary Gland meditation is a form of meditation in which you need to concentrate on your pituitary gland for several minutes and then rest for a few minutes. This process will help in sending signals to the Pituitary Gland to release hormones that are required by the body.

Types of Pituitary Gland Meditation

Pituitary Gland meditation can be performed in numerous ways and all these types have their own documented methodology and performance benefits. So First we will get familiar with the names of the various types and then with the involved procedure.

Pituitary gland meditation is basically of 3 types:

1. Paper Pituitary Gland Meditation:

Requirements: Red and Black Sketch pen, An A4 size paper, glue.


1 Stick an A4 size paper on the wall.

2. Make a small pea sized red circle on the paper and make a boundary around it with a black sketch pen. Try to use this color combination.

3. Now sit against the wall where the paper is pasted. Your distance from the dot should be 15 30 centimeters.

4. Make sure the circle is in straight line with the midpoint of your eyebrows.

5. Now focus on the dot and try not to blink your eyes.

Do this for 3-5 mins and then close your eyes and try to focus on your pituitary gland for 2 more mins.

At what time of the day should you do this?

You can do this anytime but try to be in a good mood when you practice the Pituitary Gland Meditation. You must perform this in a peaceful environment.

For a better result, accompany the Pituitary Gland Meditation with some stretching exercises.

2. Candle pituitary gland meditation:

Requirements: A candle


1. Sit in an easy pose with your back straight.

2. Place the candle at a distance of 20-30 cm from you.

3. Light the candle. The flame of the candle should be in straight line with the mid point of your eyebrows.

4. Focus on the the outer zone of the candle. Do this for 1-2 mins and gradually increase the time duration, every time you perform it next.

5. Then close your eyes and focus on the pituitary glands for a few more mins.

6. Wash your eyes with cold water.

3 Sun Pituitary gland meditation.

This method can be performed either during early morning or late evenings i.e. when the sun rises or when the sun sets.

During the afternoon if you try to focus on the sun, it will harm your eyesight.


1. Stand and focus on the sun for a few minutes.

2. The lesser you blink, the more you concentrate.

3. After focusing on the sun, close your eyes and focus on your pituitary glands.

Ensure that the environment is peaceful.

Key things that you need to keep in your mind before your begin:

1. Measure your height before you start with the meditation. Don't measure your height very often.

2. Believe in yourself that you are getting taller.

3. Be continuous with the process until you reach your desired goal.

4. Learn to be patient, it may take time to see results.

5. If your target is to grow height, accompany the meditation with proper exercises and a balanced diet.

Pituitary Gland Meditation has numerous benefits other than increasing height. I will mention a few of them:

1. It helps in weight loss.

2. It increases your concentration.

3. It helps in proper flowing of blood throughout the body.

These are some of the other benefits of the Pituitary gland meditation. This helps in both physical and mental development of a person.

I have mentioned all types of pituitary gland meditation and their methods and also their associated benefits as well. Now, what you need to do is to set a desired goal and get started. Keep yourself motivated . Perform more stretching exercises. Eat a healthier diet. Have a strong self-belief and see your goals getting achieved.

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