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"Makeitth True" Transformation Program - Best 90 Days Fat Loss Program

With advancements in training standards, gym improvisations, and online video training platforms fitness has reached every nook and corner across the globe. It would not be wrong if I say people have started prioritizing health as much as their mobile phones. But there are some dark sides, and that needs to be exposed and understood. I have been in the fitness industry for some cool time now and I feel in this entire process of training people what people doubt the most is their Personal Trainer.

Tatvabodh Arya

Personal Trainers are like an asset the more you learn from them, the happier they are to help. There have been advancements in this industry too, and there have been regrets too. People often complain of the commercial behaviour of their PTs and incidents are growing. The commercial aspect of PT is heavily riding on the training aspect of it. I have been in the industry and I have been observing the things closely, and that is where I felt I need to come up with this Transformation Program. A program that has never been witnessed in India.

What is Makeitth Transformation - Makeitth Transformation Program is a uniquely constructed program, and to be honest the best part of it is that it is a real-time training program no specifically recorded or placed. The main plan of action is that in this fat-loss program is to guide the clients with real training techniques, nutrition, and all that goes in the process of Fat loss, but Wait ?...

What makes it unique then ?? Ready to know ??

In this Transformation program, I will not just be your dumb coach who uses his techniques on you, but rather your training partner. To train you in the best possible way and help you attain results for sure in stipulated time I will be turning obese too. I will not be a mute watcher but rather your training partner in this progress, and a mentor too, helping you out with every day's program in terms of workout and nutrition. I know for some this might sound a little uneasy and chaotic, but that's true. It's the right time to bring in some good changes. I will be using some vital tricks and techniques to help you get rid of extra body fat.

Plan Timings - Since I am the kind of person who is ready to experiment with one-self, this program won't be a big challenge but since you people will also be an integral part of it, it makes it very valuable. I will be conducting two batches in a year in the same pattern. I will be turning obese, putting on fat and weight, and then going on to lose both of it in 12 weeks roughly.

So putting this in a quoted form, I will be doing this session 2 times in a year with 12 weeks as the span of each individual program.

What are the Specifications- This 90-day plan is an amalgamation of nutritional, workout, and general routine regimes. During this program, you will be following a real-time workout routine with me, and no pre-set programs or a bounded system. The exclusive support you will get an access to will be call support, email, and chat priority, and above all a virtual training partner like me. The program is charged at Rs. 4400 for 90 days (only for students), and Rs. 6100 for 90 days (for others), and 9000 for 90 days in case of extra premium supports. If you compare the prices of this plan with others on the internet you will find them cheaper than all others, because my priority has always been the benefit of my clients. I have already started the registrations and the first batch is set to hit on the floor in September 2020, once the pandemic slows down. If you are one who wants to register in the program, and experience the totally new perspective of personal training in India or abroad, you can reach out to me via my email and other social handles.

Email - Aryatatvabodh@gmail.com

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/tatvabodh_arya/

Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/tatvabodharya/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tatvabodh.arya

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