Exercises to be done at home During CoronaVirus

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

The pandemic of CoronaVirus has hit the world hard, and has caused detoriation in economic, social, and health standards. The closure of public places has caused a severe impact on the lives of gym goers.. But you need not to worry Tatva Fitness Blog Family, here we bring out to you the exercises you can perform daily until this pandemic exits .

CoronaVirus has deeply impacted the health standards among people, undoubtedly causing great damage to the human immunal system. But still there are a few things we can do at our end to promote immunity exponentially, these includes daily workouts, and a healthy nutritional plan. Gyms are shut, but that should not be an excuse to avoid the healthy lifestyle. We have listed a set of few exercises you can follow until the CoronoVirus appears tamed.

Few basic Exercises Are :-

1. Push-Up - Push-up is an excellent exercise to escalate the body's endurance and persistance level. It also helps in improving the blood flow throughout the body. The best part about them is they not only focus one one muscle group but can also be used for targeting multiple muscle-groups depending upon the way they are performed. They also help in improving the forearm strength as well enhancing the posture.

2. Pull-up - Another addition to this list is Pull-Up which is an exceptional bodyweight exercises to target the back:largest muscle group of the upper body. When performed with a closer grip it also targets the biceps. It also improves the grip strength and also strengthens the forearm. Last but not least, they also improve flexibility.

3. Squats - Squat is a very common compound movement, involving almost 60% muscles in the human body at once. Not only do they target legs, they also impact the lower back, flexor muscles, and others. Bodyweight squats also fastens the fat loss process, when combined with proper diet. An improved fact about Squat says it boosts blood flow, metabolism and testosterone as well.

4. Plank - Plank is an isometric exercises that targets the core-muscles. It can be said as an upward position of Push-Up. It is one of the most effective exercises when it comes to fat burning and endurance boosting at the same time. They also strengthens the body bringing them in a single line. The timing of a plank is totally dependent upon the person, but the longer the better.

5. Skipping - Skipping is a high calorie burning exercises, super-effective in fat-loss. Skipping helps in escalating blood circulation, improving breathing and also toning up the muscles. It also strengthens cardiovascular and bone strength. Last but not least it also improves the overall co-ordination among the body parts and thus imroves the body balance.

Follow thes Steps to avoid CoronaVirus :-

1. Wash your hands and face frequently with soap and water, to remove any thing that sticks.

2. Use alcoholic sanitizers to clean your hands frequently.

3. Avoid going out in public places, if not necessary.

4. Last but not least, keep yourself hydrated and eat nutritive foods to boost immunity.

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