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Essential Protein Sources That You Must Add Into Your Diet

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

With the advancement in the food science and fitness industry, people have now started to realize the importance of protein. Protein is undeniably the most important macronutrient when it comes to pack on herculean muscle size or earn the chiseled 6-packs or even staying fit with improved muscle quality and functioning. Protein is important, but people often fail to understand the sources that would help them earn their share of protein and fill your dose of significant amino acids.

Protein Sources

Protein Sources and their significance

When we talk about protein. one thing that draws our attention is the big jar of whey protein, you will find gym freaks munching on, but protein is not limited to that only. Protein has relevance and sources from all feeding habits. A normal human being should consume protein somewhere between 0.5-1.0 gm protein/pound body weight. The amount may vary depending upon age, physical structure, and body goals of the person, but on average anyone can consume around 20gms of protein per meal.

Let's Check Out Various Sources of Proteins:-

1. Plant Sources -> Plant Sources the healthiest one, and above all, they are organic and have no bigger side effects. These can be easily obtained at less expense. The only problem with them is that they are not complete protein i.e. they don't have all the amino acids present in them but on average they are super-healthy and effective.

The main food items are:-

a) Tofu -They are soy protein which has 10-15 gm protein per 100 gm

b) Lentils- They are also known as vegetarian's meat, they have around 15-20 gms protein per cup

c) Beans - Beans are good protein sources ranging between 12-15 gm

d) Quinoa - Quinoa is a fiber and protein-rich breakfast option with protein ranging between 5-9 gm/ cup.

e) Chickpeas- Chickpeas are superb sources of protein, with 30-35 gm protein/100 gm.

f) Nuts - Undoubtedly nuts are excellent sources of protein and fats.


2. Animal Sources -> These protein sources are complete i.e. have all essential amino acids present in it, that form the base of muscle building. They are a prevalent option among fitness athletes and professionals. Animal sources have an upper edge in comparison to the plant one i.e. the former one is leaner and has a lower carb to protein ratio.

The main sources are:-

a) Chicken - 100 gm chicken contains around 25-35 gm protein

b) Eggs - 4-6 gm per whole egg, 3-4 gms per egg white.

c) Meat - 100 gm contains around 28-40 gm protein

d) Milk - 35-45 gm protein/liter (dairy milk for better stats)

e) Cottage cheese - 15-25 gm protein/ 100 gm in case of low-fat milk.

f) Greek Yogurt - 12-15 gm/ 100 gm packet .


3) Supplement Sources -> These are the finest protein sources, with supreme quality of protein designed to suit the purpose of muscle building or other goals. These are artificially manufactured substances made from natural raw materials. The supplements' source of protein if one of the fastest-growing protein sources and has seen an upliftment of 3-5 % in comparison to the last year.

a) Whey Protein - This protein is extracted from the milk and has all amino acids, whey is popular among the bodybuilders for its fast digesting ability, that repairs the tissues at earliest. It contains around 24 gm of protein / 30 gm.

b) Casein Protein - This protein is also extracted from whey but unlike whey, they are slow digesting and prevent the fast breakdown of tissues over time. They are generally consumed before sleep. It

contains around 24 gm of protein / 30 gm.

Whey Protein

Protein is a major macronutrient which's importance and value can't go unnoticed, our body needs it on a daily basis to repair the broken tissues, and aid the formation of the new ones. Protein helps in improving overall body, bone, and hair health. But also remember, excess of it can lead to coronary heart issues and also have a severe impact on digestion. So abide by the basic required quantity and use it for your gains.

I hope this blog will end your long-lasting query about various protein sources and their protein content, include them in your diet, and let me know your views here, or on my social media handles.

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Stay happy, stay healthy, stay safe, and try them out.

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