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Essential body supplements for human health

The human body needs some supplements on a daily basis to function properly. These supplements are inevitable and are necessary for the overall growth of the body. Most of us, living in cities, do not have a proper diet schedule. Our busy life has led us to ignore the most important thing in our life that is our health. We normally tend to ignore our breakfast, in a rush to college or our workplace. In lunch and snacks, we take whatever is available while still in a hurry. Dinner is the part of the meal we do properly, but then we are already too tired from the day’s routine. In such hustle-bustle of life, somewhere we ignore the daily requirement of supplements for the body. So, here we bring to you some inevitable body supplements for human health.

1. Vitamin-B complex:

Eight kinds of Vitamin are together known as Vitamin B complex which includes,

1. Vitamin-B1 is also known as Thiamine.

2. Vitamin-B2 is also known as Riboflavin.

3. Vitamin-B3 is also known as Niacin.

4. Vitamin-B5 is also known as Pantothenic acid.

5. Vitamin-B6 is also known as Pyridoxin.

6. Vitamin-B7 is also known as Biotin.

7. Vitamin-B9 is also known as Folate.

8. Vitamin-B12 is also known as Cobalamin.

Vitamin B complex is beneficial for our cellular health, eyesight, beneficial for cardiovascular health, healthy growth of red blood corpuscles and overall body immunity. Vitamin B complex is also an important body supplement for pregnant females. Deficiency of Vitamin B complex can cause an anaemic condition in the body. It can also cause certain skin disease, digestive issues, neural conditions, etc. We can find Vitamin B in food sources like milk, eggs, paneer, citrus fruits, banana, watermelon, cereals, whole grains, green vegetables.

Excess of Vitamin B can cause thirst, cramps in abdomen, diarrhoea, etc.

2. Magnesium:

Magnesium has a role in enzyme reactions in the human body. Our skeletal system stores about 55-60% of the total magnesium present in our body. Nuts like almonds, cashew nuts etc have a high amount of magnesium. In vegetables, Spinach has the most. Magnesium in our body prevents some major disease like Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, migraine, etc. It is also beneficial for our bone health, premenstrual syndromes, anxiety, etc. In fruits, Banana, avocado, etc. are rich in magnesium, soy milk and roasted nuts, are also a source of magnesium.

3. Omega-3-fatty acid or fish oil:

Omega-3-fatty acid is also inevitable supplement in our diet. It is a good source of nutrient for our body and brain. These are effective in fighting depression and anxiety. It helps in mental growth and health for the brain and thus is important during pregnancy and early life of the baby. It is good for our eyesight and reduces the risk of heart diseases, controls blood pressure, reduces blood clots, etc. It improves our concentration capacity and our metabolism. It reduces the risk of autoimmune disease in human.

4. Glycine:

Glycine is an amino acid which is counted as an important amino acid for human body. Body produces amino acids to later convert them into protein thus making it more beneficial for our health. Our body uses glycine to produce a powerful anti-oxidant. Glycine is also an important component of creatine which is ultimately beneficial for our muscle health. Glycine bricks-up to form collagen which is a protein present in abundance in our body. It also helps our body to protect us from alcohol-induced damage. It prevents muscle loss from the body.

It is rightly said, "When one eats healthy, one thinks healthy, when one thinks healthy, one acts healthy." So, just take out some time out of your busy schedule and take good care of yourself just by eating right and in the right doses. If we take a healthy breakfast, we are likely to start our day fresh and on a good note.

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