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Diet Plan for Building Muscle - Essential Food Items

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Without nutrition fitness has got no real meaning, training is not as hard as it is to maintain the diet. People often bang open into websites to learn about the diet pattern to gain muscle, but ultimately fail to understand the right regime to implicate and often end up putting on excessive weight, that is majorly body fat. But you need not worry, I am here right on board to guide you through as your virtual personal nutritionist. So just it back and relax or rush to your kitchen to check if you have these ingredients in stock.

Food for muscle Building

Diet regime for Muscle Building

The muscle-building phase is all about lots and lots of good food, as the only way to achieve it is to stay calorie surplus. So here we bring you the right food choice and the right meal timings.

The Basic Meal Breakdowns during this phase are:-

a) Breakfast

b) Snacks

c) Lunch

d) Pre-Workout

e) Post – Workout

f) Dinner

=> BREAKFAST:- Breakfast is one of the most ideal mealtimes for the day. After long fast hours, the body is running at a low sugar level, and this is the right time to load all types of macronutrients. Try avoiding any kind of saturated or processed foods during this stroke of the meal. Dietary items high in complex carbs and good fibers are the ideal picks for this part. An ideal balance of fast-digesting protein and simple fats can be the right choice to complement the carbs part.

For carbs:- Oats, Banana, Chappati, Upma, Rice Cake, Sprouts.

For protein: - Egg Whites, Whey Protein, Milk, Greek Yogurt

For Fats:- Almonds, Nuts, Peanut Butter

Some Suggestive ideal meal plans:

- Oats+Milk+Banana+Whey, Egg whites+Almonds+Sprouts.

=> Snacks:- Snacks can be a supreme measure to fill in during diet breaks to avoid hunger pangs, and also acquire the set calorie meter. The snacks are healthy feeding options when it comes to maintaining the mark. The timing of the snacks is an important factor to decide its constituents. For those who take snacks during the afternoon there can be two possible scenarios i) You have already done your workout in the morning or ii) You will do your workout in the evening. If you belong to the first category you can restrict or cut short your carb supply because you will be already high on carbs due to your pre&post workout meal. But if you belong to the second category you can fill in carbs to help you enhance your workouts by providing sufficient energy.

For carbs:- Fruits, Rice Cake, Sweet Potato, Beetroot

For protein: - Scrambled Eggs, Grilled Chicken, Beans

For Fats:- Almonds, Cheese, Avocado

Some Suggestive ideal meal plans:

Fruits+Cheese+Grilled Chicken, Scrambled eggs, Sweet Potato+ Almonds.

=> Lunch:- Lunch is one of the biggest meals of the day and is important in all aspects like quality and quantity. For people incurring a lot of hard work in the gym, this can be treated more as a quantity meal than a quality meal. The lunch should have an optimal balance of all the macronutrients, to help the body grow, recover, and repair tissues. The excessive use of saturated fats and processed sugar should be avoided, as they harm and hinder the body’s muscle growing ability, try focusing more on cleaner sources.

For carbs:- Chappati, Brown or White Rice, Potatoes, Quinoa.

For protein: - Meat, Chicken Breast, Cottage Cheese, Lentils, Fish

For Fats:- Tuna, Avocados

Some Suggestive ideal meal plans: Rice+lentils+Fish, Chicken, and rice.

=> Pre-Workout:- The name itself suggests the value and timing of the meal. Pre Workout is essentially the empowering meal for your workouts. When we talk about the empowering in nutrition first thing that strikes is Carbohydrates. The Pre Workout meal should be rich in

Simple carbs having a high glycemic index. This helps in the easy breakdown and release of energy, at multiple times faster rate than a complex one. Protein can be also an encompassing macronutrient in this case, alongside carbs and fats, which are slightly on higher stature in the Pre-Workout diet.

For carbs:- Boiled or Baked Potato, Banana, Fruit Juice

For protein: - Egg whites, Whey

For Fats:- Nuts, Peanut Butter

=> Post-Workout:- This mealtime is definitely made for protein-lovers. This is the part which is ideal for high protein consumption, to enable easy repair of broken-down body tissues, but the protein needs to be fast-digesting in nature. Try avoiding slow digesting protein sources like Tofu, Cottage cheese. Usage of rapid digesting protein sources helps in quick repair of tissues. Apart from protein, simple carbs should also be consumed to fill in depleted glycogen supplies. This helps in refilling energy levels, that are in shortage after an exhausting workout. Fats are to be avoided soon after workouts. You should try consuming this meal, really soon after your workout, to attain good results:-

For carbs:- Banana, Potatoes, Rice Cake, Chocolate milk

For protein: - Whey Protein, Eggs, Protein Bars

=> Dinner:- Now we move over to the final meal hour, and its right enough to end it on a big note like Dinner. Dinner again like lunch should encompass all nutrients on an equable note, to refill the body for the last time before a long sleep. Dinner also needs to be high in fibers to help the body get rid of wastes easily the next morning, Also the water level should be kept in check. The most important factor to keep in mind when talking about the dinner is that you need to keep monitoring your calories throughout the day to help you determine what particular macronutrients needs to be consumed, and in what quantity?

For carbs:- Rice(Brown or White), Veggies, Chappati, Pasta, Fried Rice

For protein: - Meat, Chicken, Fish, Cottage Cheese, Tofu,

For Fats:- Tuna, Avocados

This is some general and informative piece of nutritional sources, I hope it would have helped in understanding and identifying the various known and unknown sources. If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas let me know your views here, or on my social media handles.

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Stay happy, stay healthy, stay safe, and try them out.

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