CoronaVirus - Existence, Spread, and Prevention

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

The Global pandemic, COVID-19 has brought the entire globe into a state of emotional, economical, and social havoc. Not only succumbing countries in front of its barbaric consequences but also stripping them of their so-called status and power. Let us dive into this article to know more about this Virus.

What is Coronavirus?

Getting its name from its structure, coronavirus is a virus of the SARS family (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). It is one of the several other viruses which attack our respiratory system, like rhinovirus, which is the causative agent of the Common cold. It shows influenza-like symptoms which include cold, cough, fever, etc. The most recently discovered disease from coronavirus is COVID-19.

Unlike other viruses, it barely retains its stains of presence and even spreads without showing actual symptoms. Some agencies claim to be a virus spread through the Bats, while some belief it to be an artificially created virus, as a part of China's bio-nuclear war weapon. But the fact is none of them is truly evident.

How does it spread?

Brushing up our knowledge about the spread of diseases, these are basically of two types, communicable and non-communicable. Communicable diseases are the ones in which, if we come in contact with the affected person, we are also affected. For example, Influenza, Hepatitis, Measles, etc. Non-communicable diseases are the ones, in which, if we come in contact with the affected person, we will not be affected. For instance, Cancer, Heart disease, Osteoporosis, Alzheimer's, etc. Covid-19 comes under communicable disease. As this disease is caused by a virus, it spreads more easily. Viruses are mainly the microorganisms which are dead outside of a living body, it starts its cycle only when it is inside a living cell. It is basically made of three parts. A Head made of a protein coat which consists of the RNA (Ribonucleic acid) which is the main infecting agent. Second is a neck that acts as a transport medium of the RNA from the virus head to the cell. The third is the tail, which is the point of attachment of the virus, to the cell surface. A viral life cycle consists of five stages: 1. Attachment to living cell. 2. Entry to living cell. 3. Replication inside the cell. 4. Assembly of its parts. 5. Breaking open the cell to release itself. How can we avoid the infection?

Since Covid-19 is the disease under research and development now, the only way to avoid is to maintain a safe distance from the affected person. Use of mask, as a shield for our nose and mouth to avoid any droplets from the affected person entering it. Use of soap to wash hands frequently, because the viral head is enveloped with the lipid bilayer, which gets dissolved by the hydrolytic action of soap.

Lets's Note it Down

1. Wash your Hands and Face - Washing of hands and face frequently with soap and water

2) Wear Masks - Wearing masks will prevent the external transfer of coronavirus via air

3) Using Sanitizers - Use alcoholic sanitizers frequently to stop the growth and transfer of the virus.

4) Avoid a crowd - Avoid participating in a huge gathering of people. also, refrain from shaking hands

As the disease is under study right now, and no real vaccine has been found or incubated, all we can do is, support the government, doctors, medical staff, policemen, and anyone who is fighting for us in this pandemic, by keeping ourselves safe and protected. Just we need to do is Stay healthy and stay safe. Stay positive for thoughts, and negative for Covid. Good luck !!

- Ashu Mishra

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