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6 Biceps Exercises for Bigger Arms - Killer Biceps Exercise

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Rounded arms popping out from a tight t-shirt or a hoodie, is no less than an absolute beauty to keep anyone's sight glued for a longer time without any second thoughts. But one needs to go through sessions and sessions of strict diet, planned workouts, timely rest, and whatnot for earning this pair of guns. Still reading, and questioning yourself if you can actually build it? Come on, we have a few secrets to share with you which will help you build a well-shaped sized and defined pair of biceps. You just need to do one thing if you want to know the secret - Keep reading this blog till the last and understand the tricks and techniques that will help you in your process - Happy Reading!

6 Biceps Exercises for bigger arms

Lets's first discuss the set of exercises and their procedures we need to follow in order to gain the maximum output while training the biceps, Remember nothing good comes easy, right?

1. Biceps Barbell Curls

Barbell Curls

Amongst all the old school exercises for growing bigger and thicker arms, barbell curls still tops the list, it is one of the most fundamental exercises for both beginners and advanced gym-goers. The bar not only helps in proper targeting, but also is a dominant component when it comes to stability, because of its wider length that promotes proper gripping. Being a movement that also engages support from forearms and a little bit from deltoids it enables the performer to lift more weight.

Form and Procedure:-

  1. Stand firm with your feet placed apart from each other at shoulder distance and strongly gripping the ground.

  2. Now grip your bar with shoulder wide grip between both the fists.

  3. Now hold the bar in such a way that your fists lie near your sides.

  4. Now curl the bar to your chest region, hold for a second or two and now slowly bring it to the original position, hold for second and repeat for the number of reps planned.

Take care that:-

  1. Your back is straight and stabilized

  2. You are not lifting very heavy, because it may lead to the change in the area of focus and also lead to injuries.

  3. Your feet are firmly gripped with the ground

Sets and Reps:- An ideal pattern would be 3 sets of 12,10, and 6 with an extra warmup set in the beginning. You can increase the weight and reduce the number of reps if your main goal is strength-building and vice versa if your goal is Endurance Building.

2. Hammer Curls

Hammer Curls

With hammer curls in your workout routine, you can target both brachialis and brachioradialis ( outer biceps and firearms) with proper intensity and focus. Hammer curls work on the mission to give you a thicker and wider set of arms. It needs both heavy-weight and smart training since biceps are a smaller set of muscles. Since it is performed with dumbbell it adds more range of motion.

Form and Procedure:-

  1. Stand firmly gripping the ground, and stabilize your deltoids.

  2. Now grip the dumbbell in both your hands in such a way that the dumbbell rests in a vertical position.

  3. Now curl the dumbbells in a way that it reaches your chest region, you can curl them straight or a little inwards depending upon your training format and focus region.

  4. Now bring the dumbbell back to the starting position slowly, and repeat.

Take care that:-

  1. Your back and deltoids are stabilized.

  2. Dumbbell is vertically gripped and not horizontally.

  3. You are not lifting too heavy and not too little.

Sets and Reps:- A proper pattern would be 4 sets of 15, 12, 12, and 10, since its a dumbbell exercise you can not go very heavy as in case of barbell curls. This pattern of 4 sets can workout in case if both strength building, hypertrophy, and endurance.

3. Concentration Curls

Concentration Curls

Concentration curls are isometric movements and mainly associated with giving the muscle the defined shape, and they don't focus much on the strength-building aspect. As published in research by several trainers and coaches, it's an excellent format because it works on total isolation of the biceps muscle. They are the ones that need minimum weight and maximum focus

Form and Procedure:-

  1. Sit on the edge of a flat bench with your legs apart.

  2. Now hold the dumbbells in one hand and bend down slightly but make sure your back and head lie in the same line.

  3. Now put the elbow of the hand holding the dumbbell on the inner part of the corresponding thigh

  4. Rest the elbow of your second hand on the other thigh.

  5. Curl the dumbbell to your shoulder region and upon reaching there turn your wrist in the direction of your pinky and hold for a second, and then return back to the original form and repeat for the desired number of sets.

Take care that :-

  1. Your thigh is strongly stabilized because the entire balance of the body lies on it

  2. The weight used is lighter.

  3. Your back is in a straight line of focus.

Sets and Reps:- Try sticking to a 3 set pattern of 15,12, and 10 reps with light-weight for excellent result.

4. One-Hand Preacher Curls

Preacher Curls

Preacher curls focus on bringing roundness in the arms, and making it look sharper. This exercise is also all about the stability and isolation. Once you bring your arm in an isolated position the focus shifts nowhere, and whatever weight you lift is associated with the strength of your biceps. This is a very prevalent method of training, particularly during the shedding phase. Due to its varied formats, it can be performed using the machines, barbell, and even dumbbells and works fine with either one hand a time or both at once pattern as well.

Form and Procedure:-

  1. Stand firmly on the ground or sit on a bench both of them are acceptable.

  2. Now lay down your hand on an inclined bench in case of the former one or on a preacher curl bench in the case of the latter one.

  3. Grip the dumbbell firmly in a horizontal position, and curl it to your front deltoids

  4. Hold for 2 seconds and bring it down slowly, this escalates maximum muscle enlargement.

  5. Now change the hand and repeat the same in the above-mentioned way.

Take care that :-

  1. Your feet are firmly placed and gripped with the ground.

  2. You are not using a very heavyweight and lot a very light one as well.

  3. You are focussing on feeling both contraction and relaxation phases to enhance the result.

Sets and Reps:- A training pattern of 3 sets of 15,15, and 10 reps is an absolutely cool deal. You can try this exercise with cables and bars as well.

5. Incline Dumbbell Curls

Incline Dumbbell Curls

This is an advanced form of simple biceps curls. This exercise also targets on developing a stronger and chiseled peak. This exercise mainly focuses on improving the focus and stability of the muscle, this works on the principle of contraction and time under tension. It can be done as one arm at a time or involving both of them together.

Form and Procedure:-

  1. Sit comfortably on an inclined bench, with the back resting against the surface.

  2. Keep your feet a little apart, and grip the ground well, sit in a position that both your arms are resting against your side.

  3. Now curl your dumbbell to the upper chest region, hold there for a sec and then return back to the original position.

  4. Now repeat the same with the other hand, this makes one rep, perform until the desired number of reps is achieved.

Take care that :-

  1. Your back rests firmly on the inclined bench

  2. You are not lifting very heavy.

  3. Your shoulder is stabilized and does not gives a jerk.

Sets and Reps:- Since this is a dominant isometric movement, we need to fuss more on the rep range, so 4 sets of 15 reps each is a good option to stick with.

6. Chin-Ups

Chin - Ups

Chinups are remarkably superb exercises for activating the entire biceps ( brachii, brachialis, and brachioradialis ). For beginners, it can be a good bodyweight exercise, but for advanced trainees, it can be also used as extra weighted exercises by adding weight over time and emphasizing the principles of progressive overloading.

Form and Procedure:-

  1. Closely grip a pull-up bar such that the palms face towards you.

  2. Now firmly hold the bar, and try lifting your bodyweight with the entire strength of your arms. If you are a beginner and finding it tough to lift yourself call for a supporter.

  3. Once you lift your body up, hold for a few seconds and return to the original position and keep performing for the desired number of reps.

  4. If you are easily able to lift yourself easily add extra weights using chains or plates.

Take care that:-

  1. Hold yourself properly and make sure your palm don't sweat a lot.

  2. When lifting with additional weights, ensure that they are properly placed.

Sets and Reps:- There is no restriction of sets and reps in this case, but if you are one who abides by that principle try 10-20 reps in a set.

Keep Some Things In Your Mind : -

1. Try focusing mainly on compound movements for maximum muscle growth, exercises like deadlifts and barbell rows also help in gaining biceps size.

2. Train in a planned manner, keep a log of your muscle training pattern to help you get a proper insight about your goal.

3. Stay in calorie surplus, because you need to tick this factor for building muscle.

4. Don't lift too heavy, it does not help always, and may even lead to injuries.

5. Don't overtrain, biceps is a small muscle group and overtraining it will prevent easy repairs, and thus slow down the process of growth.

I hope you would have found all the treasures to build a bigger mansion of biceps now, try them and let me know your views here, or on my social media handles.

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Stay happy, stay healthy, stay safe, and try them out.


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