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6 Best Exercises To Grow Bigger Chest In 90 Days

You are lifting heavy, and also going good with your diet regime, but you are feeling it is not being so worthy when you are comparing your chest growth with your older pictures, Is it ? Maybe you have hit the plateau or you are not training it smartly. I often find people complaining about the stunted growth in the pectoral region, and most of the time I find its about an amalgamated routine of going smart with weights. I have transformed numerous people over time, and today I am sharing some exercises which are an absolute pick from my side when I train my clients.

Exercises To Grow Your Chest

The chest is one of the major muscle groups of the upper body, comprising of three divisions upper, middle, and lower chest also known as the upper, middle, or lower pectorals. Being a major muscle group, undeniably means chest holds a lot of weightage when it comes to the complete anatomical

growth. Chest being a bigger muscle requires a set of the compound and isometric movements for muscular growth and cut-edged definition. Let's have a better insight into the exercises for developing chest muscles, with their rep and set range, also with their proper form.

6 Best Exercises Are:-

1. Push-Ups - Push-ups are the best bodyweight exercises for training the pectoral muscle. They stimulate the blood flow to the chest muscle, resulting in a pumped-up chest. They not only work on developing the muscle size but also aim at improving the endurance, for the rest of your exercises. Pushups also aid in the overall development of the chest and upper body muscles.



1) Lay parallel to the ground with your back facing the ceiling. Rest in such a way that your palms and your toes are the only parts that are touching the ground, while the other parts are suspended at a height

2) Keep your back and neck straight, and your abs squeezed.

3) Now move your chest towards the ground, and lift it just before it makes a contact with the ground. Repeat.

4) You can also perform it by placing weight plates on your back, to

increase the level

Set and Reps: - 4 sets of 15 each.

2. Barbell Flat Bench Press - Bench press is a perfect option for the people who aim to develop a broader and muscle-loaded chest. The bench press is a compound movement, which means it includes multiple muscle groups and also enables you to lift heavy. This exercise can also be performed using dumbbells which adds to an extra range of motion but thebarbell has an extra benefit in case of stability.

Barbell Bench Press


1) Lay down on the bench with your chest facing upwards and body aligned in a pattern

2) Hold the barbell at equal distance from the center on both sides, with your palms wrapped around the bar. Hold the barbell at shoulder width.

3) Now lift the bar, and bring it down near the center of your chest, inhale while you bring the weight down, and exhale while you lift it , away from the body.

4) For more contraction on the muscle, create an arch between your mid-back and bench by lifting your back a little up while the waist and upper back, remains intact to the bench.

Set and Reps - The best way to target is to go for 4 sets with 15,12,10,8 reps respectively. You can also use the vice versa technique at times i.e. going in the rep pattern of 8,10,12, and then 15.

3. Incline Dumbbell Flies - This is an isometric movement for the upper chest. This motion aims at broadening the chest muscle and giving them a wider and a pumped look. This exercise has an extra benefit it works more on providing shape and chiselness.

Incline Dumbbell Flies


1) Lay down on an incline bench at 45-degree angle with chest facing

upwards and shoulders, buttocks on the bench

2) Hold the dumbbell in your palms and press them up while exhaling.

3) Once they are up, stretch the left-hand dumbbell on to your left and the right one to your right at the same time.

4) Lower them by creating an arc, until both of them align at the height of the chest, and are parallel to each other.

5) Repeat it by bringing the dumbbell in parallel to the ceiling and then stretching it back

Set and reps:- The ideal set and rep range for this is 3 sets of 20,15 and 12 reps

4. Cable Crossover or Decline Cable Flies - This is also an isometric exercise to train the lower pectoral muscle, this is a formidable exercise to add a stretched look to the lower chest. This exercise also stimulates blood flow to the other parts of the chest, as it lays more emphasis on stretching the muscle. This is an ideal exercise to target the lower-chest fat

Cable Crossover


1) In this exercise, plant your feet firmly on the ground with one after the other, for the ideal movement.

2) Use a pulley machine, whose point of holding is higher than your head, curl both the sides of the pulley handle.

3) Now bring both the sides at the height parallel to your chest, with your elbow bent outwards.

4) Now stretch your arms in a straight line path below your chest, with your elbows straight.

5) Now move it back to the position from where you started, remember to make no jerks or faster movements while you perform it, this will obstruct the proper stretching.

Set and reps: - The ideal set and reps range for this should be 3 sets of 15-20 each, but with an added pause, while the cables are at the lowermost position.

5. Pec-deck or Machine Pec flies - Pec-deck is an important exercise that gives a wider and a firm look to the chest. Pec deck also improves the separation between two hemispheres of the chest, giving the chest a properly developed look. It also helps in extending the shape of the chest

Pec-Deck Flies

Procedure: -

1) Sit straight on a pec-deck machine with the back pressed against the surface.

2) Curl both the wings of the machine, with the hands in such a way that the elbows are slightly lower than the shoulder.

3) Now push the two wings of the machine, and bring them parallel to your chest, and stop just before they touch.

4) Now bring it back to the starting position, completing one rep.

5) Try not to lift too heavy, as it an uncomfortable position for the shoulders.

Set and Reps - This exercise can be repeated for 3 sets of 15,12, and 10 reps each.

6) Dumbbell Pullover - Dumbbell Pullover is a major exercise which targets all the divisions of the chest, and also involves the movement of the latissimus dorsi. The pullover is a mass-exercises but needs to be performed safely because a lot of weight is based on the stability of the shoulders, and any fault may lead to damaging your deltoids.

Dumbbell Pullover


1) Lay down on a way such that, only the upper backrests on the bench while other parts including the head will be off the bench.

2) Now bring your hands behind the bench and grasp a dumbbell with it.

3) Lift the dumbbell and bring it to a position where the bottom of it faces the chest, and now stretch it back, while inhaling. Repeat.

4) You can also replace the dumbbell with the E-Z bar, the results will be almost the same.

Set and Reps - 3 sets of 12,10, and 8 reps is a good to go trick.

These are the 6 exercises I suggest to my clients and students. You can create a workout plan for yourself that incorporates all of the above exercises for a period of the next 90 days. If you are looking for a virtual personal trainer on the internet, I would be more than happy to help you, you can reach out to me at aryatatvabodh@gmail.com or on my social handles. If you have any questions related to this blog you can let me know about it in the comment section below.

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Meanwhile, stay healthy and happy.

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