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4 Best Exercises For Bigger and Wider Triceps

Triceps are the bigger muscle groups in the arms contradictory to the common belief of people who think biceps are the bigger muscle groups. So that in simple term means a bigger triceps leads to bigger arms (undoubtedly). They not only aid the arm size but also help with your press exercises in terms of strength and stability.

So by now, you would be convinced that training triceps with proper form, weights, and routine is very compulsory. So what's next? Come on, I am here to guide you through with exercises to build bigger and wider triceps. So drain all your troubles in a bucket, and get going with me.

Triceps Pushdown

Since Triceps is a bigger muscle group, it requires training with dumbbells, barbells, and of course bodyweight training for maximum output. I have been training clients for some good time now and I feel people have common misconceptions about triceps like it does not needs a lot of training because training biceps alone is sufficient, and they even say triceps grow very slow so it's not worth training it. You need to get over this if you belong to this category of people. Triceps are a very important muscle without any second thought, and that makes training it more compulsory. Here are my favorite 4 exercises while training triceps.

1. Close-Grip Bench Press- Some might be surprised to find this exercise on the list because the bench press is a world-famous movement for training pecs, but the close grip bench-press has proved out to be a very dominant exercise for building mass around the triceps region, and this is an all-time pick if you are one who is looking forward to growing bigger triceps.

Triceps Pushdown

How To Do It -

  1. Lay down comfortably on a flat-bench, and grip the barbell with little less than shoulder-width apart.

  2. Make sure the bar is straight and not lift it up, exhale as the bar goes up.

  3. Now bring the bar close to the sternum, and inhale as you come down.

  4. Repeat it for the desired number of sets and reps.

2. Skull Crushers - Skull Crushers work more on the extension part of the movement. It is a very common exercise among people who want to work on stability and muscular growth. They are excellent stimulating exercises that work the entire muscle forming up the triceps. These variations can be performed using both dumbbells, and E-Z bar, but the bar is preferred.

Skull Crusher

How To Do It -

  1. Lay down comfortably on a bar, and grip the E-Z with the inner grip, and extend your arms up.

  2. Keep your elbows straight and fixed, now more your forearms towards your forehead and lower until it's about to touch your forehead.

  3. Hold for a few seconds and reach back to the original position.

  4. Make sure your elbow is rigid all this while.

3. Rope Triceps Pushdown - The versatility of rope triceps pushdown adds it into my to-do list when training tricep. It gives a high-level activation and pump, that makes it prevalent among both beginners and professionals. Since this exercise engages the support of core and deltoids, you can go a little heavy on it.

Triceps Rope Pushdown

How To Do It -

  1. Attach the rope to a high-pulley, and hold individual sides of the rope.

  2. Now bring the rope down and tuck your upper arms to your sides.

  3. Now extend the rope as per your side, without changing the position of your upper arms, and return back to the position mentioned in step 2.

4. Overhead Triceps Extension - This movement is performed using dumbbells, and thus you can't go too heavy on it, but that does not deteriorate the value of this exercise by any means. With regular practice on this exercise movement, you can strengthen your triceps and also improve their appearance. Try performing the full range of motion for complete development of your arms, if the weight seems too heavy, reduce the weight, don't go too heavy, in this from train lighter, and train smarter for real benefits.

Overhead Dumbbell Extension

How To Do It -

  1. Sit comfortably on a bench and raise one of your hands straight with dumbbell gripped

  2. Lower the dumbbell down to the top of your back by bending it at the elbow

  3. Hold in this position for a second or two and then raise back to the original position.

With this, we come to the end of today's blog. These are my favorite picks when training triceps, and you can add them in your routine for both mass and definition. You can also text us your favorite triceps exercise in the forum section or in the comment section of this blog. With that being said, you can also reach out to me on my social handles, and can even also join in my 90-days transformation program. Till then, take care, stay happy, and stay healthy.

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