10 Effective Ways To Lose Your Belly Fat

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Undoubtedly shagging belly from the corners of your t-shirt or your enclosed tummy with an inch gap between the region of the compressed buttons is no delight to watch. Not does it make you look a little less than the real beauty you can carry, but also homes a thousand diseases, extending from basic functional diseases to chronic diseases. So it's the right time to pull your socks and send your extra fat on a never-returning walk. Ready?

Belly Fat

Belly fat is a common problem among modern multitudes and is the outcome of an inconsistent lifestyle, unhealthy feeding habits, and non-effective workouts. The unhealthy lifestyle is the main evil, leading to all others. But as we know even the worst of problems have a solution, and so does this problem has. Today we are giving you a walkthrough of ten effective methods to lose your belly fat easily and effectively.

10 tricks to lose your belly fat

1. Stay on a calorie deficit meal plan: - The first and most important thing in this process of losing your belly fat is to stay in a calorie deficit meal plan. But what is a calorie deficit? Our body needs some amount of calories to maintain itself, and perform some necessary tasks like breathing, sleeping, and other, this amount of necessary calorie is known as maintenance calories. Once you start eating less than these maintenance calories your meal plan will be said as a calorie deficit meal plan. When you stay in calorie deficit you start losing your fat, and as we know the fat reduction is a holistic process and involves fat loss from all the body parts (including belly). So the first step is to calculate your maintenance calories and stay under it to create a calorie deficit meal plan. Calculate your maintenance calories here

2. Stop or minimize your sugar intake:- Excessive sugar intake is associated with several health problems, some of which can be life-long existing. Eating a lot of it also flames the process of weight gain in the body. It leads to the building of fat around the liver and abdomen and leads to insulin resistance. Try minimizing the amount of sugar in your diet and also eliminate sugary drinks in the form of sweetened juices, soda drinks, sweetened sports drinks. Sugars have a lot of replacement in the market now and try sticking with them to stay on a safer side.

3. Regular Workouts - Regular workouts for 5 days in a week is like a medicine in disguise for the people who want to lose belly fat. Workouts help in combating the issue of fat gain, and at the same time catalyze the process of calorie burning in the body. A proper workout should be an amalgam of cardio, weight training, and exercises directly putting an impact on the belly region. Workout also keeps you healthy and the best part is researches have proved that it does not only helps you in losing the body fat but also prevents in regaining it. It also helps in lowering the sugar level and escalating the standards of metabolism


4. Eat More Protein - Protein is a renowned macronutrient when it comes to fat loss. Protein keeps you full for longer duration and thus you eat fewer calories and end up staying in a calorie deficit meal plan. It also prevents the regaining of the weight. Researches have shown the significant role played by protein in the weight-loss process overtime. If you are one who finds it tough to attain protein from your daily routine, you can use supplements to help you in this process.

5. Avoid alcohol consumption: Consuming an excess of alcohol is very harmful to health. Excessive intake of alcohol also leads to fat gain especially belly fat. it also widens your waist. With the reduction in alcohol consumption, you can also bring a reduction in your fat percentage. One midway can be made and that is to drink it in a constrained amount.

6. Reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your diet - Cutting back on carbs can be an effective measure in your weight-loss journey. Replacement of refined carbs with proper whole grains is an effective choice, you can also replace fast-digesting carbs with slow-digesting carbs. An average fat loss diet can consume carbohydrate count somewhere between 45-60 gms. Some various examples of suited carb options are oats, brown bread, brown rice, sweet potatoes.

Oatmeal Cookies

7. Try Intermittent Fasting: The technique of intermittent fasting has taken the format of a global trend, due to its varied benefits in the weight-loss process Intermittent fasting is a new technique to lose fat and boost hormones and has proved fruitful. In this technique, there are two-time windows i.e. division of 24 hours hour window into time slots like 16 and 8 hrs slots, in this, we fast for the longer time slot and eat in the time slot with the fewer number of hours, i.e. we keep a fast for 16 hours and eat our calorie count in this rest 8 hours. This enables proper digestion and also enhances calorie burning over time.

8. Boost your metabolism: When you boost your metabolism, you are likely to be more active. To boost metabolism you need to drink more water, eat high-protein food,lift-heavy, and focus on technique like the intermittent fasting. Metabolism helps you in digesting the food properly and also enhances the calorie-burning speed of your body, thus reducing overall fat percentage.

9. Use Apple Cider Vinegar - Apple Cider Vinegar is arguably on almost everyone's mind if their goal is to lose extra fat around their waistline. It contains acetic acid and also helps in reducing the overall sugar level in the body. A usual amount of 15-25 ml of acetic acid can lead to weight loss as shown by researchers. This can be an important ally in your weight loss journey, but make sure you dilute it before using it, as it may erode your enamel.

10. Good Sleep - Sleep is an important factor in all health goals, either gaining muscle or losing fat. People with bad sleeping patterns are more inclined towards gaining weight. Good sleep not only implies to the 7-8 hours of sleep but also refers to good quality sleep. If you are facing any sleeping disorders consult your family doctor soon.

We have amassed all the necessary tips for you in this blog, which can help you in your journey to lose your extra belly fat. If you have any questions or issues related to anything in the blog, you can hit the comment section and expect a sure reply from my side.

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Stay Healthy, and All The Best

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