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About the Founder

Tatvabodh Arya is a 20-year old fitness author, trainer, consultant, blogger, and speaker from the city of Bhagalpur in Bihar. He is the Founder and CEO of Tatva Fitness Town and all its distributed units like blogging, video guide, and campaign section.


Ashu Mishra is the Joint Governing Director of blogging unit of Tatva Fitness Town, she is a content writer, and a blogger. She is a basic and applied science graduate and a microbiologist in making.

Sachin Singh Rajput is associated with the video and photography team of TatvaFitness Blogs. He has been effectively carrying out the gravity of his office and serving people through his medium of "High Josh" service.

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How to prevent the spread              of Coronavirus

Wash Your Hands and Face

Washing of hands and face frequently with soap and water

Wear Masks

Wearing masks will prevent the external transfer of coronavirus via air

Using Sanitizers

Use alcoholic sanitizers frequently to stop the growth and transfer of the virus.

Avoid a crowd

Avoid participating in a huge gathering of people. also, refrain from shaking hands

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